Sunday, November 30, 2008

I feel...I think...I search...

I don't have a desktop PC. My laptop has only USB ports. I tried Bafo USB to serial converter, but in vain. I tried a converter from the US. It worked well but it cost me a fortune. Is there a cheaper alternative ? I am in the search.

I want to do something with an acclerometer. I am eager to buy it (again paying for it thru my nose) but I have no purpose. What I make & what would be its use ? I am in the thought.

So many needs, so many one-to-one purshcase the US-to-India freight leaves us on the roadside. Clubbing the needs will distribute the transportation / freight cost. I get the feel.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A crash course in Modular Robotics

This is a latest craze...Intelligent pieces join each other (even after they are separated...kicked!!). Just see the video...It says so much about itself.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Serial communication for robots

Well [robot's i.e. its microntroller's] communicating with the PC might be a very impotrant part of the game. The reason may be taking decisions based on DIP (digital image processing) that is being done only by the PC paralelly. For this we need to use the serial port on the PC
and the one on the microcontroller (i.e. the UART or the USART).
A major area of concern is that the modern PCs have no serial port at all. However they might be having a multitude of USB ports. But interfacing the USB port is a much...much more tedious task as compared to interfacing a serial port.
But when He has made problems, He has given solutions too. This is a right opportunity (need) to use a USB-to-Serial adaptor for your laptop/PC so that you get a dummy serial port on your laptop/PC which can be interfaced as as if a real serial port existed on yor laptop/PC.
For further information let us discuss.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

FREE samples of relevance to robotics

Yes we are talking of FREE stuff. Robots uses electronic components. In our parlance it is about free component samples (ICs, LEDs, voltage regulators, relays, optoelectronic devices, and many more). There are companies which deliver product samples free to your doorstep. Not even mailing charges !! Yes it is true. But sometimes these samples are charged too. In such cases these are called 'samples' only because they can be ordered in a small quantities.

Also some companies have to be told as to what is your project and what you wish to do with the samples, so that they can guage their business prospect/potential. If they find you genuine, they send you the samples.

There are about 70 - 80 such companies I have heard of and about 6 - 7 of them I have tried and received samples from. I hope you are aware of all of them. In case you want something more, do wirte back to me.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Now some serious fun...ofcourse robots are in my mind !

Now this is the best "intelligent" line follower I have ever ever...ever seen. Believe me !! Hope you will love it.

Servo Motors for robots

Welcome to the amazing world of Servo Motors. Hitec's HS-311 has been the most convenient to use. Only one thing we need to remember is that pulse width modulation is mandatory which can be easily obtained from an AVR. Any doubt on this topic...let us discuss !! Only one word...don't be worried to experiment with this device !!

The AVR microcontroller - the robot heart

The AVR microcontroller is one of the latest and most versatile microcontroller that I have used. You like to discuss anything about it...this is the place. Also do visit

Introduction...All about robotics

Welcome to this place in the cyberspace, where we talk 'All about Robotics'. Robots are now no more limited to the industry. They have reached the common house hold. The kitchen, the drawing room, everywhere...
Here you will find the newest on Robotics, new technologies for the robotics hobbyist, for him not to re-invent the wheel every time. You will come to know how to use the latest building blocks to build on...You will find the resources for your projects and ways to reach them. Your comments and knowledge sharing is extremely valued. So let us share. Bon voyage !!